Wuhan: The City
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#3D Modeling
#Ethnographic Research

The city government of Wuhan (also known as The River City) sought to revisit and iterate the city's identity design in 2018, a need that became even more pressing in the context of widespread, global geographic discrimination caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The city sought a new, urban branding design with an audience for the physical and mental health of locals and a sense of urban pride. The audience was the entire population, including native and new immigrants, as well as potential visitors.

Design Solutions:
After extensive field research and in-depth, months-long local ethnographic surveys, the starting point for the design was set at a metal called gallium. It is a symbol and metaphor of Eastern philosophy: a metal that is sharp but soft and fluid. It looks sharp but is very accommodating. It also has the ability to integrate into the molecular structure of other metals, which is in line with the Wuhan character (inclusive, influential, passionate, radical). As a result, three spheres in the shape of flowing metal (symbolizing the three main areas of Wuhan) were created as 3D art. Their mirror-like color symbolizes the history of Wuhan's influence by the surrounding cultures and represents the concept that "the color of the city is every citizen who looks at it".

My role:
I led and undertook all aspects of the project from brainstorming, drafting, visualization to photography.

Design Solutions:
The design practice looks at the use of the brand on the street. Posters, installations and virtual reality art with mirror effects were placed on the streets of Wuhan, becoming attractions, social media viral sources and talking points.

My role:
I did all the creative work independently from creative brainstorming, ethnographic research to design, modeling, rendering and installation.