“I see myself as an island, and exposed on the surface are the food, drink, sports, games and fashion industries that I love. Buried beneath the rocky cap of the island is the goldmine of skills, aesthetics and cross-cultural knowledge that I am ready to dedicate to the industry.”
As a design professional, I unleash creativity with a bold heart and a thoughtful brain, and ignite inspiration with every design.

With a passion for exciting, bold, and playful aesthetics, Xun Zuo specializes in crafting holistic and practical design narratives that are infused with humor, all while keeping the audience at the forefront of every decision. As a freelance designer for the past 6 years, Hins has honed his skills in a variety of areas including branding, 3D artwork, media operations, social media management, and packaging design.

Email - zuoxun1997@gmail.com