SpyScape Museum

#3d Modeling
#Interactive Media

The client for this brand design was The Spy Scape Museum, a for-profit spy museum in Manhattan. They needed a more unique and thematically relevant brand identity design.

Design Solutions:
Based on inspiration from fantasy films and documentaries, the Spy Scape Museum branding design system was created by combining tape, typewriters, and FBI documents. The brand identity system is a variable logo designed to highlight the uncertainty and unpredictability of spy.

My Role:
Focusing the redesigning of entrance, I worked alone on the museum's background and requirements research, rebranding, video editing, and all animation.

Motion Graphic: 
The design of the promo emphasizes a retro feel and pop culture myths about spies, and includes some film clips as hooks to engage the audience. The altered text is intended to emphasize the mystery and conspiracy theory implied.

Entrance Design:
The Spy Scape's initial entry method was the clichéd purchase of a ticket to enter the museum. The newly designed puzzle solving approach reinforces the uniqueness of the museum and the sense of audience engagement. The museum's most valued members receive a puzzle card from the museum cut out at a specific location, which, when combined with a ticket bearing random text, gives them a special code to enter the museum that day.