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Branding Reflects Culture:
This book endeavors to address the challenge of cultural disassociation and alienation that often plagues individuals relocating to New York. The focus of this research is centered on the food and beverage industry, whereby branding design serves as a critical component in reflecting cultures and shaping the user experience. Specifically, the study aims to shed light on the impact of brand design approaches, encompassing visual design, tone of voice, and storytelling, on the user experience.

Connecting People Through Food:
This study aims to explore how food can connect people, particularly New York's new Asian residents, in a post-epidemic context. Through in-depth ethnographic research and respectful data collection, the study will showcase the potential of glocalization and branding to better meet the needs of diverse cultures. The findings will be presented in a book or a collection of zines.

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Coherence and Uniqueness:
The first chapter of the book serves as an introduction and overview of the author's research. Following by that, each successive chapter comprises authentic anecdotes featuring one or more patrons of a designated restaurant franchise, characterized by distinct visual cues while also adhering to the overarching coherence of the publication.

Bookfair and Selling:
Fifteen copies of the book were released and sold out at the Pratt Institute's first annual book fair, Other Islands. I am working with the audience who contacted me after the show to promote the book for custom and on-demand sales.

Prototypes, Iterations, and Testing:
I conducted multiple iterations and tests before the final version was finalized and released. During this phase, I focus on developing the visual language design for each section of the book and its architecture and structure.

Testing and User Response:
As a designer and author, I prefer to present my book to my intended audience in a community space through a design response performance. By transforming the optimal café user experience design into an art gallery, I aim to engage my patrons and evoke their cultural sentiments, building a connection with my community. Through this approach, I have successfully connected with customers across four continents and 15 countries using my designs, research, and performances.