#Virtual Reality
#Sensory Ethnography

The project aims to empower the project through the perception of one or more specific organisms and an understanding of sensory ethnography to produce a highly interactive and empathetic experience/ritual design. The non-human organism is the subject of the project, and the designer will be creative with input from the spectator to the experiencer throughout.

Design Solution:
Focusing on the symbiotic relationship between hogweed and shrew (hogweed provides habitat and protection for shrew, and shrew provides food for hogweed), the project includes playful, quirky and provocative cartoon illustrated characters to engage the viewer's vision while piquing their curiosity.  The four different characters belong to different biological levels and have different behavior patterns, while also symbolizing human desires and values.

My role:
I independently performed all background research, bio research, copywriting, illustration drawing and VR modeling/rendering/deployment.

Design Solutions:
The poster design draws inspiration from vintage illustrations and aims to evoke empathy and a desire for a better relationship in the viewer. The posters are also non-flat, with multiple hidden interactive details for viewers to learn and explore. The copy highlights the immersive nature of the project. The cards are extra  takeaways for audience as gifts. The target audience is children, teens and young adults with an interest in biological relationships.


Design Solutions:
Interactivity and experiential engagement were the main focus of the project, and the VR scenario was built in an open, user- and audience-friendly, comfortable space where the VR virtual space was deployed in tandem with a number of objects in the physical space (start points, tents, props, and reward cards). The audience was invited to be part of the experience and participate in this "virtual cave adventure". They are asked to read the instructional information at the start point, cross the thorny cave and eventually find and bring out their favorite treasure. The instruction card will tell them the qualities and rewards corresponding to the treasure and will become part of their experience and memory to be taken away.