Hins’ Island + Pratt's Other Island Book Fair

#3D Modeling
#Interactive Media

Each person can be likened to an island, where their surface-level hobbies serve as a tenuous connection to others, while their deeper qualities remain hidden to all but a select few. The exterior of the island may be adorned with material possessions and an impressive appearance, but the true essence of the person lies buried within. Progressing up the inner steps of the island to reach the highest point and capture the star represents the ultimate journey of self-growth and actualization for an individual.

The centerpiece of the design is interactive media, which allows the Hins' Island to be displayed on a touch screen. With this approach, viewers can freely zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the model to grasp the significance of each metaphor.

Other Island Book Fair

To brand the Pratt Institute's first annual book fair, celebrate students' unique understanding of design, and engage exhibitors, booksellers, and audiences, the School of Design at the Pratt Institute worked closely with me to create a cross-media visual identity inspired by Hins' Island. identity system inspired by Hins' Island.

I used the Hins' Island model as the basis for a comprehensive refinement and optimization, expanding my personal-based metaphor to the community at large and emphasizing the values and identity of our generation of designers. 
Logo Design: Maria Gracia Echeverria
Visual Direct: Maria Gracia Echeverria
Design: Hins Xun Zuo
3D Support: Hins Xun Zuo
Motion Design: Hins Xun Zuo
Social Media Copywriter: Nico Tan