Good Food 

#3D Modeling
#Interactive Media

Project Objective:
The objective of this brand design project was to align with the branding manifesto of the Good Food Institute, an esteemed organization committed to the promotion and advancement of plant-based and lab-grown meats.

Design Approach:
The design strategy centered on the creation of organic graphics that represent cell replication and proliferation, along with a gender-neutral spokesperson and a set of captivating mascots. Our aim was to reconcile the seemingly contradictory concepts of "food" and "no killing." The vibrant neon green color scheme highlighted the brand's innovative and forward-thinking approach. Our design output included a range of products, posters, and a collaborative storefront design to boost the organization's outreach on social media platforms and foster consistent funding.

Design Deliverables:
As a proficient graphic designer, I executed a comprehensive cross-media visual identity, encompassing all facets of the brand, such as logo design, font selection, color schemes, web page design, and interactive posters.

Logo and Colors:
The logo is inspired by the technical principle of cultivated meat, which uses harmlessly harvested cells to build muscle and organic tissue. The gradation from black or white, two technically non-colored colors, to neon green symbolizes the vision of an environmentally friendly future through technology.

Design Solutions:
Fashion peripherals can be effective in helping nonprofit organizations raise funds. A range of items with the brand's identifying label or a variation thereof, made possible through 3D printing technology, will be available on The Good Food website, app and in franchisee partner stores. The fashionable product line will be a vehicle for viral social media distribution.

Design Solutions:
Interactive media is essential to the design of a brand identity system. Not only is it access to the website, but consumers can also see this interactive screen design at partner grocery stores or supermarket checkouts, which evokes viewers to re-examine the social ethics of their purchases.