Forgettable, Forgeable.

#Graphic Design
#Information Experiment

The design is an experimental book design driven by modern reading habits, information flow and media preferences. The design aims to satirize and reproduce the cheapness and annihilation of information in modern society through empathy and metaphor.

Design Solutions:
Books are the carriers of information, but the form of information has changed under the influence of technology in modern society. Thus, through an ironic change in the form of books and the method of reading, books have become toilet paper and the method of reading has become a top-to-bottom slide. This change emphasizes the unreliability, cheapness and falsifiability of the information one receives on a daily basis.

My role:
I independently conducted all background research, information gathering, printing and framing, and photography.

Fading Information:
I printed all the content I read on my phone in a day with fadeable ink on a 20-meter-long reel and circled them on a hard paper reel, wrapped in a thin tracing paper with themed text and plastic film on the outside. The easy-to-fade ink reproduces the process by which fragmented information is forgotten in the brain. I help them to re-examine the difference between the two modes of information acquisition by guiding readers to read paper books in the familiar sliding reading mode. In order to emphasize the unreliability and cheapness of the information obtained from online reading, the binding method of the book imitates the packaging method of toilet paper. The destruction and obscurity of various information and pages in the internal pages satirize the low efficiency and quality of the fragmented network reading. What this book conveys is not just information, but the process of forgotten and distorted cheap fragmented information.

Design Solutions:
Imitating the mobile phone interface, the poster of the book has the title of the book in the center position. The iPhone 30 pin plug, which represents a mobile phone, replaces the T in forgettable, blurring the meaning and boundaries of words. The “Try Again” below implies “forget-ting”. Another version of the poster shows the proportion of important and redundant information on the website and social media we read.