Communication System of Wuhan Universities

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With up to 3 million university students, Wuhan is the city with the most universities in China. Unfortunately, there has never been a community of university students here. My team is committed to changing that by building a platform that connects college students and then turns them into the city's most valuable resource.

Design Solution:
This platform enables users to share their stories, samples, needs, and ideas. It also provides information about events in Wuhan, including painting exhibitions, making it easy for users to stay connected to their community. The App prioritizes user communication, with a youthful and active design featuring bright orange on blue and simple floating cards. To further promote the platform, peripheral products like popsicles and ice cream with the UCS logo are also available. Popsicles represent the fiery environment and atmosphere of Wuhan, while the ice cream serves as a status symbol and identification mark. Together, the platform and peripheral products satisfy the local needs of Wuhan's community.

My role:
Communication System of Wuhan Universities (C.S.W.U.) was a two-day design competition that required the design of a solution for multiple universities in Wuhan as users. As the designer team leader I was responsible for guiding the framework and general style of the UI/UX design and refining that design prototype after the event. I also led the brainstorming of the founding ideas.